NANC Change Orders

The NANC Change Order section contains descriptions of the business functionality of the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) Service Management System (SMS) as defined by the Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPA WG), which has a direct relationship to the processes and systems that each Service Provider uses to participate in LNP.

When a change in the NPAC software design is discussed at the LNPA WG, the proposed change eventually is described in the form of a change order. The change order document describes the business need for the software change and, at a high level, the software changes required to implement the proposal. As discussions progress, the technical portion of the change order is expanded to document both new software requirements and changes to existing software requirements that would result if the Change Order were implemented. (Operational impacts of a change order are described in "Method & Procedures" documents issued before the change order is implemented.) In this section of the LNPA WG web site, all change orders ever considered are listed. The final change order document and the LNPA WG discussion notes, the change order's status, and the identity of the software release in which the change order was implemented are provided here.

The status of a change order may be either Closed, Open, Implemented, or Requested. These terms are defined as follows:

  • Closed – The change order was considered and rejected.
  • Open – The change order has been considered and there may be further discussion.
  • Implemented – The change order was adopted and has been implemented in the NPAC system.
  • Requested – The LNPA TOSC has reached agreement on the Change Order and either a SOW may be requested or the requirements updates (Doc Only) will be included in a future version of the Industry Document(s).

Summary & Guidelines

Title Date Originated Description Status Documents
CO 554 10/06/2020 XML LSMS Query Recovery Requested Download
NANC 553 10/06/2020 FRS - BDD Response Files & NPA-NXX Edit Flag Indicator - Doc Only Changes Requested Download
NANC 552 10/06/2020 XIS - timestamp examples format - Doc Only Changes Requested Download
NANC 551 05/13/2020 lsmsfilterNPA-NXX - Doc Only Changes Requested Download
NANC 550 12/16/2019 Billing ID and Alt-Billing ID Consistency Requested Download
NANC 549 09/10/2019 Removal of Customer Contact Related Error Codes Requested Download
NANC 548 09/10/2019 XIS Doc-only Changes - XML Content Type Requested Download
NANC 547 09/10/2019 Vendor Test Plan Update for Notification Suppression - v3 Requested Download
NANC 546 07/09/2019 XIS – Doc-only Changes Requested Download
NANC 545 07/09/2019 GDMO – Doc-only Changes Requested Download
NANC 544 07/09/2019 FRS – Doc-only Changes Requested Download
NANC 543 05/07/2019 Vendor Certification and Regression Test Plan – Doc Only Updates for Release 5.0 Requested Download
NANC 542 05/07/2019 Retry Timer Intervals – Doc Only Updates Requested Download
NANC 541 05/07/2019 Time Based Recovery Limit Requested Download
NANC 540 05/07/2019 Vendor Certification and Regression Test Plan – doc-only updates Implemented Download
NANC 539 03/05/2019 Vendor Certification and Regression Test Plan Updates – Doc Only Updates Implemented Download
NANC 538 03/05/2019 Expanded Deletion of Inactive SPIDs Requested Download
NANC 537 12/05/2018 MUMP Due Date Matching Requested Download
NANC 536 11/06/2018 MUMP Email Notification List Implemented Download
NANC 535 11/06/2018 Service Provider Deletion Validations for Alt SPID and Last Alt SPID Requested Download
NANC 534 11/06/2018 Reference Data updates for new NPA-NXXs - Doc Only Change Requested Download
NANC 533 11/06/2018 Audits with Activation Timestamp Range Requested Download
NANC 532 11/06/2018 MUMP File Formats – Doc Only Change Implemented Download
NANC 531 09/12/2018 Recovery and Roll-up Requested Download
NANC 530 09/11/2018 Hold/Replay Clarifications Implemented Download

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