Number Portability Best Practices

The members of the Number Portability Industry Forum (NPIF) formerly known as Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPA WG) have created "Best Practices" for porting between and within telephony carriers. These Best Practices have not been mandated entirely, and in many cases are considered a gentleman's agreement on porting between carriers. However, many of the Best Practices were presented to the North American Number Council (NANC) for approval and, after NANC's approval, forwarded on to the FCC. Several of these Best Practices are flagged with asterisks to indicate which have been endorsed by the NANC (*) and which have been adopted by the FCC(**).

The Best Practices reflect the consensus of the NPIF regarding the preferred processes for porting. The NPIF meetings are open to all telephony carriers. Anyone attending the meetings may bring a suggested Best Practice to the group for discussion and possible inclusion in these approved Best Practices. The NPIF periodically reviews the Best Practices to determine whether each remains applicable to the current porting environment. Based on these reviews, a practice may be modified or deleted. If a Best Practice is deleted, the number of the Best Practice remains on the web site with the explanation that it was deleted.

Please Note: Best Practices 001 - 044 were developed and agreed to by the Wireless Number Portability Operations (WNPO) team.

The following is an index of the existing Number Portability Best Practices. Click on the download button for more detail.


Title Date Name Document
BP 056 12/22/2008 Delayed update of SMS message address after porting Download
BP 055 03/11/2008 DELETED -- FCC Order 07-188 impact on LNP provisioning flows; WG proposal for more required LSR fields Download
BP 054 02/05/2008 Porting prevented because current service in effect for less than 30 days Download
BP 053 11/05/2007 Duration of Porting Outages Due to Planned SP Maintenance Download
BP 052 11/05/2007 Resellers Discontinuing Business and/or Declaring Bankruptcy Download
BP 051 07/06/2007 Proper and Timely Updates to LNP Routing Databases Download
BP 050 07/06/2007 Porting in conjunction with Foreign Exchange (FX) Service Download
BP 049 06/08/2007 Unlocking of 911 record on ports to VoIP providers Download
BP 048 06/08/2007 Porting of Wireline Reseller Numbers Download
BP 047 05/07/2007 DELETED -- LNPA-WG Position on 24 Hour Firm Order Confirmation Download
BP 046 05/07/2007 Intermodal Port delayed due to CSR too large Download
BP 045 05/07/2007 Porting prevented when NPA-NXX not open in NPAC Download
BP 044 12/19/2006 DELETED -- Pooled Block record discrepancies between PAS and NPAC Download
BP 043 11/25/2006 Reseller SPIDs for use in Alternative SPID field introduced in NANC 399 Download
BP 042 12/15/2008 Reclamation of ported numbers when no record that FOC was sent Download
BP 041 12/22/2005 Compliance to JIP Standards and Guidelines Download
BP 040 11/02/2005 Compliance to LRN Assignment Practices Download
BP 039 11/04/2014 Identification of multiple or generic, reject errors on wireline Local Service Requests (LSRs) and Wireless Port Requests (WPRs) Download
BP 038 05/27/2005 Use of End Users Social Security Number and Tax ID on Local Service Requests/Wireless Port Requests (*) Download
BP 037 06/14/2011 Use of Evidence of Authorization (* and **) Download
BP 036 04/07/2005 Porting Obligations (* and **) Download
BP 035 02/11/2005 DELETED -- Abandoned Ports Download
BP 034 09/08/2004 SPID Migrations Download
BP 033 02/02/2004 DELETED -- Best Practices Download
BP 032 02/03/2004 Standard industry process for removal of a “preferred carrier freeze,” e.g., port protection, to facilitate porting a telephone number Download