Problems and Issues Management

In late 1999, the LNPA WG, now known as the Number Portability Industry Forum (NPIF), established a "Problem Identification and Management" (PIM) process for Number Portability (np) issues. The group, made up of Number Portability Industry members, developed:

  • Issue submittal guidelines (PIM Process Scope)
  • Issue submittal form (Problem/Issue Identification and Description Form)
  • Issue referral form (Problem/Issue Referral Cover Letter)
  • Process flows (PIM Process Flow Narratives and PIM Process Flow Graphics)
  • Tracking mechanism (PIMs Tracking Matrix)

The NPIF is not responsible for resolving all Number Portability problems. The NPIF performs an initial evaluation of each problem/issue submitted, then either develops a resolution for the issue or refers it to the appropriate forum for resolution. Issues submitted are tracked in the PIMs Tracking Matrix.

Issues should be submitted to the NPIF using the Problem/Issue Identification and Description Form, at least two weeks before the NPIF meeting at which Number Portability issue's discussion is desired.


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